when your vibrator lets you down

Reading about vibrator quality from a male quadriplegic seems a touch odd to you? Well, that is why I'm writing about it. After a spinal cord injury we really just want to feel normal, and the basic bodily functions are a always affected. Worse, some folks with spinal cord injuries simply cut off sexual activities because they don't dare mess with Autonomic_dysreflexia

vo2max testing at UBC

First VO2max tet done at UBC. My score is about as bad as you'll ever be able to find -- somewhere between an old woman and a cancer patent. But, this is something one can train, and I try to post other results to add some context.

european disability sport magazine

Now we are in a European Disability Sport Magazine. I'll try to get a translation of the article in English.

icord ramp tests

DR. Andrei Krassioukov measures change in Blood Pressure and Heart Rate in a quadriplegic vs a paraplegic.