Hot Tub Transfer

The climbing project certainly wasn’t good for my health long term. All worth it, I’d make the same choices again. I knew it was going to hurt doing countless chin ups in essentially handcuffs. Our group made many wrist splints and tried many techniques for me to pull on the rope: all of them put all the pressure on my wrists and thumbs. Nerve pain and all kinds tissue...

Belgian Documentary

Belgian Documentary on Cheating in Sport a crew from Belgium found the me via the “boosting” news stories and planned a trip to come climbing in squamish. they chanced the weather for mid October but we got lucky, very lucky. that’s what I remember most about any of our big climbs, constantly checking the forecast leading up to the event. It was looking like rain, so we had the...

Back to the Wall

BACK TO THE WALL chronicles the 10-year journey of a quadriplegic rock-climber, Brad Zdanivsky, as he pursues his dream of climbing the 1700-foot vertical wall of the Squamish Chief. But sheer desire it not enough. An epic attempt like this also needs passionate support and a strong team to make it happen, and for Brad, it’s his dad that leads the pack. With the support of professional mountain guide...

Arduino Pan and Tilt Servos

Testing pan and tilt from servo city here is an arduino sketch (below) to control a pan and tilt system from your keyboard. I chose high torque servos hoping they would be a bit smoother and less “buzzy” when tracking into new positions. with the lightweight gopro camera there is still some jittering, but nothing that can’t be removed with a good video editing tool. servo city claims this...

Testing Wheelchair Brakes

Here is a short video of us testing the elevation wheelchair with the disk brakes we designed. This project has been both frustrating and rewarding. The tiny details add up quickly. The disk brakes require a bit of extra chair width and this can be deal breaker for most users. It can make getting into older buildings, especially bathrooms, impossible, but outside all that matters is stopping force and...

Wheelchair Disk Brakes

disk brakes for wheelchairs it’s been a braking with software (on board arduino or android). As a quadriplegic I don’t want to take my hands off the wheels to apply the brakes because this throws off my balance (especially on uneven ground or with muscle spasms to contend with). When adding power assist motors, a user must have the ability to stop even if that motor is malfunctioning. So...

Testing the GoPro Hero 3

A Wheelchair as a GoPro dolly? Testing the camera on the seawall in Vancouver. this is simply the GoPo handle bar mount attached to my wheelchair. I imported into final cut and shared to youtube directly. I did the colour balance step after a few basic edits. be sure to try it in different resolutions. the 720p and 1080p version look really good. youtube’s on stabilization took out most...

Super Humans

c4 meet the superhumans from envy post on Vimeo. About bloody time I say. Please no more of the warm and fuzzy videos of Paralympic games. In the past these ads have been simply vomit inducing and don’t do the athletes any justice. Finally the marketing people are getting it — these athletes are badass. They work hard for years to get to the games and then they throw...

Sexual Health Education

Sexual Health Education for Spinal Cord Injury These are a few videos we made with Dr. Elliott(sexual health doctor) discussing sperm retrieval and vibro-stimulation with Dr Ip (family doctor). This is basic information for quadriplegics that are going through rehab and want to avoid dangerous Autonomic Dysreflexia while being sexual. More here on things you didn’t know about orgasm on TED talks.

Paralympic Torch Relay

squamish paralympic torch relay I wish I had more to say in this video. It really took some time for it to sink in. Certainly a once in a life time opportunity. Everyone was really excited and to be honest.. the thing I remember the most was the things fellow torchbearers said. I recall two guys that had autism and were better prepared to answer the question than I...

icord ramp record for women

Amira (able bodied and a swimmer) sets the record for women at icord and gets close to the times of a T4 para in an everyday chair. She is using Pat Anderson’s Basket Ball chair here).

Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel news show we agreed to do after the Back to the Wall (on IMDB) documentary short was air on CBC and later on the Knowledge Network.

Leaning Tower Rope Jumps

Safety is an illusion. This kind of adventure just makes it very clear that you are playing with fire. Evey day we take great risks without truly knowing them, because we'd rather not know. Now jump off a cliff with only an 11mm rope to stop you from hitting the dirt... now that is about as "real" as things get. I've never done anything even close to this, but...

When your vibrator lets you down

Reading about vibrator quality from a male quadriplegic seems a touch odd to you? Well, that is why I'm writing about it. After a spinal cord injury we really just want to feel normal, and the basic bodily functions are a always affected. Worse, some folks with spinal cord injuries simply cut off sexual activities because they don't dare mess with Autonomic_dysreflexia

vo2max testing at UBC

First VO2max tet done at UBC. My score is about as bad as you'll ever be able to find -- somewhere between an old woman and a cancer patent. But, this is something one can train, and I try to post other results to add some context.

icord ramp tests

DR. Andrei Krassioukov measures change in Blood Pressure and Heart Rate in a quadriplegic vs a paraplegic.

Testing in the Trees

evening rock

This is the only footage I have pre-injury. It was taken on a Father’s day circa 1992 in Prince George buy my Dad. He belayed me off of a large tree and put a VHS camera on a tri pod. this crag no longer exists, it was blown up by the quarry company long ago and is/in probably someone’s driveway now.