So I was interviewed on a topic other than climbing and/or boosting on Maureen McGrath’s radio show. I couldn’t help but talk about boosting and autonomic dysreflexia, but they are in fact, very much related. I chopped out the segment I’m in, following tips for premature ejaculation, and posted in here.

I think I’m the worst person to ask about dating in Vancouver. I think she missed my dragon boat joke, quads certainly do not go dragon boating to “meet chicks”, just doesn’t happen. So, if you’re at a party, and everyone is smart, funny and good looking… if you’re on wheels, well chances are you’re probably not getting laid that night (happens, but less often). It’s common to be “in the friend zone” (by Tiffiny Carlson), or to assume this is the case (which is even worse). In the radio show I ask, just which date do you start explaining the limitations and details of getting it on with a wheeler. How much information do they need for it to be comfortable and safe? Is this a turn off, or is it interesting to try something different?

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Here is one of the three videos I made with my GP and Dr Elliott at the ICORD building. I decided to make these how to videos after getting lots of email asking for more information. I’m not doctor and certainly am not qualified to be giving advice. I can point people to the best information, but only a sex health professional can prescribe treatments.