So, things break and need repairs. My Dad has always said.. “don’t repair, fit the spare”, but this part hasn’t been available a long time. I looked, made calls, sent emails, got calls back.. but no luck. The board is simple, just a few AC Power relays, but it is the controller for my bed and I needed it working as soon as possible. after an hour with the multimeter it was clear that we would need to replace the entire board.

next we are going to use an arduino to have the bed just figure out how to get the actuators into known positions: ‘sleep’, ‘transferring into my chair’ and, ‘watching tv’. Just a few switches (magnetic) to sense position, some digital i/o lines, tiny bit of code and then boom — my life is going to be that much easier. I have woken up with the dumb remote wrapped around my next far too many times.