The climbing project certainly wasn’t good for my health long term. All worth it, I’d make the same choices again. I knew it was going to hurt doing countless chin ups in essentially handcuffs. Our group made many wrist splints and tried many techniques for me to pull on the rope: all of them put all the pressure on my wrists and thumbs. Nerve pain and all kinds tissue damage turned out to be permanent. This hastened my aging as a quadriplegic. I often joke that quad years are like dog years, they just hurt more. Shoulders get thrashed wheeling on anything but flat ground (icord video). Neck pain from operations and so many hours at a desk.. Basically I burned up most of the good health I was going to have and now I’m finding ways to manage chronic conditions. To help with joint pain, arching muscles and swelling we got a small hot tub from canadian spa company.