icord ramp fitness test

I keep score of wheelchair races at ICORD. Here is an example video of Jaime and Brad on the ramp. This shows the difference between a T6 paraplegic (gold medallist) vs a C5 tetraplegic. You can record your own effort, or see the current statistics.

current records:

Pat Anderson Amputee 42 sec bb world record
Katie Able Bodied 1:14 bb woman’s record
Russell Winkelaar T6 1:20 day para record
James Sanders C5/C6 3:03 day quad record

personal best times:

Rich Smith C6/7 3:10 day
Jaimie Borisoff T4 1:22 bb
Amira Tawashy Able Bodied 1:33 bb
Jubal Wright C5/C6 3:41 day
Lowell Able Bodied 2:03 (0:55) bb
Shirley Wong Able Bodied 2:05 bb ?
Melissa Pak AB 1:57 day
Megan MacGillivary Able Bodied 1:56 bb
Ward Able Bodied 2:05 (0:55) day
Lillian Able Bodied 3:53 day
Matt Ramer Able Bodied 1:42 bb
Brad Zdanivsky C5/C6 4:56 colours
Benj C5/C6 5:52 day
Byron C6 3:22 day
Kirsten T4 2:23 day
Norm C5/C6 6:12 day
Shirley Chiu Able Bodied 3:26 ti
Clarrie Lam Able Bodied 3:07 (1:31) bb
Rebecca Rowen Able Bodied 2:22 bb
Mario Cruz Able Bodied 1:43 day
Jessica Inskip Able Bodied 2:08 bb
Alexis C6/7 5:00 day
Eileen Able Bodied 2:13 elevation
Carmella Able Bodied 2:40 elevation
adina Able Bodied 3:02 (1:2) elevation
Eric Able Bodied 3:03 (1:37) elevation
Ben Able Bodied 3:17 (1:30) elevation