Networking with java

  • Lab1 — Introduction to Java Development
  • Lab2 — TCP Sockets
  • Lab3 — UDP Sockets
  • Lab4 — FTP Design
  • Lab5 — Sending Email
  • Lab6 — HTTP Server
  • Lab7 — Digest Authentication

    These labs were written for UBC computer science in 2012. The content now has a few dead links and links and better ways of doing things, but they will get you going on java quickly. these labs go into details of using diagnostic networking tools and open source scanning software too.

    For the last two labs, try the Low Orbit Ion Cannon to really stress test your web servers! if you think you’re going to be doing more Java, I suggest these articles below. After doing this course, you should feel confident with you Java coding abilities. Be ready to answer these types of design questions at a job interview. Actually, you often have to pass these types of tests in writing, before getting to shake hands with a potential employer.

    Object Oriented Design Principles

    Top Ten Interview Questions

    Java Threading Interview