loraWAN in Vancouver
My gateway is up here: loraWAN packets tx: 751 rx: 43057

Time to start experimenting in long range, low bandwidth, networking. LoRa and LoraWAN are really popular in europe but it’s just starting to catch on in my city. I’m going to put up a few indoor and outdoor gateways in the next few months. The one thing you want to avoid in a gateway is single channel. They are cheap, very cheap, but only for some testing at home. If you’re going to share your gateway, you’ll need 8 channels. The price is coming down though, and a Calgary based company makes an entry level indoor gateway for under two hundred dollars. The Tektelic Pico is a no frills, simple packet forwarder. No web server to configure it, just TFTF. Really needs an install script and some utilities but certainly wins on price. The other gateways like the RAK831 actually cost more and require an SPI host and case, power supply etc. Much more fun to build your own though, I’ll be using one of the Raspberry Pi boards I already have laying around. If you just want it to just work out of the box, get one commissioned by things network.

I’m watching some data going through that isn’t from my arduinos, but of course those packets have encrypted data payloads. The things shared network is well designed and makes it easy to get at your data and send messages to your devices. More soon, we’ll be testing the ranges and connections to the other things network gateways in the neighborhood.