Regardless of how you feel about big oil companies, government and hippie activists… light needs to be shed on how many super tankers are in local waters. One good friend that works in the environmental business (yes that’s a business like any other) says that it is not fair to compare the unending leak from the earth’s crust with an oil tanker. Sure.. I’ll take a known volume on top of the water (vs a mile under the ocean) any day, but how well would the booms and other dated technologies fair against a massive tankers worth of oil?

Watch this, and can even ignore everything but Baker’s one point… there is only 40 seconds of time before these super tankers runs aground in this channel!

Accidents happen even when vigilant and is no room for error in this situation. Go ahead.. call these folks “tree hungers”, “hippies” etc… I’ll bet my next meal that these are the people that remember how to actually grow food (compared to the suits that actually make all the decisions behind closed doors). Now green power will take some time yup.. but lets start with some regulation on an industry that makes more profit than anything else on the earth?

And look at open ocean:

Personally speaking, it won’t be my kids going to the next war over oil. Nor will it be my kids asking why we so obviously short sighted and greedy/comfortable? Maybe give this film a try too, then ask yourself why “we” never held a few cooperation’s feet to the fire.

This is so disappointing to see Obama hedge on oil. could have given a JFK style speech about doing great things… but the land of the free is pretty comfy with the status quo. So, let the oil flow in the gulf — for years is not unrealistic the way it is going. Something my Dad said to me really stuck. “The longer the war, the sooner the revolution.” Without angry voters, nothing changes.. so lets watch an entire ecosystem die, I’ll get the popcorn you count the oily bodies (that BP is trying hard to collect at night when no one is watching). More here too.

Get involved if you can, but even talking about this helps. Just discussing it with a friend or even a random on the bus helps. tweeting helps. These things get counted, trend, and lets everyone know the rest of the world is watching too. Save the world one text at a time.