Coder for hire in Vancouver specializing in Linux, Java and robotics. Only claim fame is being the first, and still only quadriplegic to climb the Chief in Squamish. This blog was started back in the day to show people that climbing was possible for higher level spinal cord injuries. Looking back at it now the whole project seems even more foolish than when we started. I like that. We toiled for a decade but in the year 2005, we got to the summit. My childhood goal had become a reality.. for about ten minutes. We started while it was still dark and after 14 hours of climbing we had finally made it and finished with just enough day light to land a helicopter safely (was too dangerous to rappel). This probably will never be repeated, there will be a cure for spinal cord injuries before someone else makes an attempt. I used to offer my gear and all the know how to any quadriplegic that wanted to try and beat our record, but no one else attempted the Grand Wall. We did take numerous people with varying disabilities on short climbs in the bluffs. All that gear now hangs in the Science and Technology Museum of Canada. I’m going be slowly archiving old videos from the climbing project. All the way back to the VHS tapes. It’s important to remember just how many talented people volunteered their time on a project that had very little chance of succeeding.

(seriously, my high school climbing partner carried me on his back, through the woods. very busy people with families came to my awful slide show fund raisers. we argued in bars.. it took a decade.)

There will also be intermittent posts about building self navigating robots and observations about living as a quadriplegic.