where is my jet pack?

It’s now way past 2010… So, where’s my jetpack? Disability research integration is not happening. Not like it needs too. I’ve seen the problem from several points of view now and feel justified in a little rant. Scientists generally hate mixing with business, but this is the reality. The business of keeping a lab open and publishing regularly is difficult and in direct conflict with the new buzzwords: “Community...

quadriplegics and exercise

Candice explains how a paraplegic and a quadriplegic differ in exercise response.

dangers of boosting

If Dr. Andrei Krassioukov gets his way, the days of some Paralympic athletes putting their lives in danger to increase their athletic performance may be over. Despite an international ban on the practice, some Paralympic athletes with spinal cord injuries are using a dangerous technique called “boosting” to increase their blood pressure in the heat of competition. Dr. Krassioukov studies autonomic dysfunctions, which are dysfunctions in the parts of...

my new ride?

I’ve been following Boston Dynamics awhile now. They seem to be the most stable legs around..

windows 7 for the disabled

I never thought I’d say it, but Windows 7 is good, great even! I got my hands on a Beta copy and installed it.. and it all worked. Yes, everything worked first time with no snags. Admittedly I had low expectations thinking of past installs and driver nightmares, but not one dialog box asking for a CD to be inserted. All my hardware was detected and a drivers were...

nokia java runtime 2.0 for s60

Is Symbian going to make it on mobile devices? I’ve used java a long time now and hoped the fragmentation would be sorted out for by now. My first experience with S60 was pretty shocking. Sun’s SDK for wireless devices is actually really good, but runs on the emulator generally won’t on the actual device. It is a very slow and painful debugging process to test on emulator, then...

icord ramp record for women

Amira (able bodied and a swimmer) sets the record for women at icord and gets close to the times of a T4 para in an everyday chair. She is using Pat Anderson’s Basket Ball chair here).

icord ramp record

Pat Anderson sets the record at 42 seconds! .. and he recovers to baseline heart rate and bloodpreesue quickly, “normally.”

discovery channel

Discovery Channel news show we agreed to do after the Back to the Wall (on IMDB) documentary short was air on CBC and later on the Knowledge Network.


Zephyr Open is an open source code project to provide a framework for BlueTooth Physiological Sensors. Heart rate and blood pressure Monitors, gps and Wii Remotes are supported. What kind of mash-ups can you envision? Games for rehab? Distributed games and Virtual coaching? ** This project is available on github, but has been replaced by by my tracks. With the framework is a simple SWING Application to search and...

leaning tower rope jumps

Safety is an illusion. This kind of adventure just makes it very clear that you are playing with fire. Evey day we take great risks without truly knowing them, because we'd rather not know. Now jump off a cliff with only an 11mm rope to stop you from hitting the dirt... now that is about as "real" as things get. I've never done anything even close to this, but...

america’s cup

I love sailing and follow it as I can.. but this is going to be the best match up ever! Technology, wind, water.. sweet. Dennis Connor must be eating his heart out. Never seen so much money spent on new techologies for one event (going to space is cheaper than this sport!)