“high roller” does uncle ben’s route

Brad and Dave on the "Uncle Ben's" route. This roof section was chosen as a testing grounds for larger climbs in California. We were "lucky" to some get strong wind on this day. Instead of suffering in hot sun all day, we froze instead... but could get good understanding of how the rig does in real weather. Was enough wind to make communication difficult and ropes frustrating to manage....

when your vibrator lets you down

Reading about vibrator quality from a male quadriplegic seems a touch odd to you? Well, that is why I'm writing about it. After a spinal cord injury we really just want to feel normal, and the basic bodily functions are a always affected. Worse, some folks with spinal cord injuries simply cut off sexual activities because they don't dare mess with Autonomic_dysreflexia

bluetooth on J2me platforms

ok, few links to errors I’m seeing thus far: Future Exception is a new one! This error only started after I re-flashed my Nokia 5800 with version 21 of the firmware. I used to get further, the URL was discovered from the service search and I’d even get asked for permission to connect… and then get This error Again, my code is freely available to test your connection issues,...

j2me on nokia 5800

Ok, more on java on mobile devices. There has been some long delays using java on S60 when really, this shouldn’t be difficult to port code from mac to cell phone if it is all pure java? Read my “Batman Phone Review” to see the first round of driver issues with this phone. After finally getting the Flashing Cable (CA-101) to work the firmware upgrade on the phone only...

pys60 now installs on noika 5800

PyS60 now installs without errors on the Nokia 5800 Posted using ShareThis

vo2max testing at UBC

First VO2max tet done at UBC. My score is about as bad as you'll ever be able to find -- somewhere between an old woman and a cancer patent. But, this is something one can train, and I try to post other results to add some context.

nokia 5800 (batman phone) review

OK, some nerd rage ahead, but also few tips on JavaME development. Long story, but the ZephyrOpen code project was first running on chips as meager as the TINI java chips. Growing power and java support on cell phones made these boards obsolete for my needs while Rock Climbing. So, now a mid range cell phone has everything I need up there, including a video stream. (original system, batteries...

european disability sport magazine

Now we are in a European Disability Sport Magazine. I'll try to get a translation of the article in English.

icord ramp tests

DR. Andrei Krassioukov measures change in Blood Pressure and Heart Rate in a quadriplegic vs a paraplegic.

testing in the trees at UBC

evening rock

This is the only footage I have pre-injury. It was taken on a Father’s day circa 1992 in Prince George buy my Dad. He belayed me off of a large tree and put a VHS camera on a tri pod. this crag no longer exists, it was blown up by the quarry company long ago and is/in probably someone’s driveway now.