Renovations For Disability

after many months of power tools, dust, painting etc.. I finally have the wheelchair accessible apartment I’ve always wanted. my desk and kitchen has been upgraded to create more usable room and increase functionality for me. lost of decorative choices too of course, but mostly the changes were designed around smoother rolling for me. most obvious to me is the legless table (desk pictured right). I used to constantly bang my chair into table legs and there was never enough room to get under all parts of my desk in the ikea days. like everything: climbing gear, wheelchairs parts, shower, bed .. I need custom built everything to truly get exactly what I need.

my desk used to be such a mess of wires and computer components that it was unmanageable for me to actually plug in a usb drive or a keyboard or even reset my router. I shudder to remember the days of trying to sort through the jungle of wires to even do the most basic changes to my computers, wii or the data storage devices. upgrading the projector and cables to hdmi was like.. running cables through a russian submarine. zap straps and bits of rope affixing cables to chunks of wood or screwed into drywall. wires for lighting and and power were also strung were ever they needed to be, an ugly eyesore that bothered me daily.

updates on the desk details coming soon. the led lighting and arduino controlled relays will follow and I will post the code for client and the yun server.