Renovations for Disability

After many months of power tools, dust, painting.. I finally have the wheelchair accessible desk I’ve always wanted. Mostly the changes were designed around smoother rolling for me but also we made a lot of decorative choices also. Lots of wood and hidden structural steel. I used to constantly bang my wheelchair into table legs. Actually this even cause a few burns, spilling hot drinks. I clearly need custom built everything to truly be happy.

My desk used to be such a mess of wires and computer components that it was unmanageable for me to actually do even basic tasks. I shudder to remember the days of trying to sort through the jungle of wires to do simple things like: reset the router, use USB jump drives or plug in the HDMI cables for monitors and the projector. Someone would need to be around to help me, or else I’d be stuck.. or worse, I’d need to call for help (which is obvious embarrassing). My place back then (before and after pictures) used to look like a Russian submarine or something, but certainly not an office/living room. I had zap straps and bits of rope affixing cables to drywall, wires for lighting and power strung haphazardly. An eyesore that bothered me daily. It seemed like too much of a luxury to remodel from scratch but it certainly was worth it.