squamish paralympic torch relay

I wish I had more to say in this video. It really took some time for it to sink in. Certainly a once in a life time opportunity. Everyone was really excited and to be honest.. the thing I remember the most was the things fellow torchbearers said. I recall two guys that had autism and were better prepared to answer the question than I was. I was too nervous about repeating what at the time sounded like platitudes a politician would spew half hardheartedly.

“What does it mean to be chosen for this great honor?” Well, I didn’t really know until I saw how much it meant to the others. Started out as just a cool event and reason to go to my favorite pub, but ended up as a lesson in humility. Sometimes I loose track of how far I’ve come since my injury because my life is pretty awesome these days. But these guys were pumped up and I found it really infectious! I’d like to thank them and invite them climbing one day. I was really proud to be selected and I’ll never forget it.

Paralympic Relay shot by the best bar tender you’ll ever meet

And a second one done by Chris Wheeler:

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