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yun REST lighting

Using REST with Arduino Yun Progress on the rgb leds continues, here is the code for a useful android testing tool, with a very brutal looking UI.. awful. sliders for the red, green, blue light levels, few buttons for presets and scrolling debug messaging. the only noteworthy thing is defining the range of the sliders to suit the pwm levels on the arduino end.. so, [0 – 255] values...

sending attachments from android

Here is a simple class to send yourself a gmail from your Arndoid phone. You’ll need mail.jar in your eclipse project, but the rest is just this one class below. We are using this to test on the chair bot (OpenPAW). It is very useful to send all the debug files right to your email box. Further, the zephyropen framework can send data directly to the cloud on event...

new battery and chair mount

From drawing board to being ready to install in single day? Colin, same guy that is now selling wifi robots, salvaged an old power drill to go with the new Lithium-ion battery pack for my chair. More Ardiuno and IOIO protects are possible now that I have a power supply I can remove and charge myself.