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Super Humans

c4 meet the superhumans from envy post on Vimeo. About bloody time I say. Please no more of the warm and fuzzy videos of Paralympic games. In the past these ads have been simply vomit inducing and don’t do the athletes any justice. Finally the marketing people are getting it — these athletes are badass. They work hard for years to get to the games and then they throw...

Performance Boosting

sexual health education

These are a few videos we made with Dr. Elliott (sexual health doctor) discussing sperm retrieval and vibro-stimulation with Dr Ip (family doctor). This is basic information for quadriplegics that want to avoid dangerous Autonomic Dysreflexia while being sexual. More here on TED

quadriplegics and exercise

Candice explains how a paraplegic and a quadriplegic differ in exercise response.

dangers of boosting

If Dr. Andrei Krassioukov gets his way, the days of some Paralympic athletes putting their lives in danger to increase their athletic performance may be over. Despite an international ban on the practice, some Paralympic athletes with spinal cord injuries are using a dangerous technique called “boosting” to increase their blood pressure in the heat of competition. Dr. Krassioukov studies autonomic dysfunctions, which are dysfunctions in the parts of...

icord ramp record

Pat Anderson sets the record at 42 seconds! .. and he recovers to baseline heart rate and bloodpreesue quickly, “normally.”


Zephyr Open is an open source code project to provide a framework for BlueTooth Physiological Sensors. Heart rate and blood pressure Monitors, gps and Wii Remotes are supported. What kind of mash-ups can you envision? Games for rehab? Distributed games and Virtual coaching? ** This project is available on github, but has been replaced by by my tracks. With the framework is a simple SWING Application to search and...

When your vibrator lets you down

Reading about vibrator quality from a male quadriplegic seems a touch odd to you? Well, that is why I'm writing about it. After a spinal cord injury we really just want to feel normal, and the basic bodily functions are a always affected. Worse, some folks with spinal cord injuries simply cut off sexual activities because they don't dare mess with Autonomic_dysreflexia

icord ramp tests

DR. Andrei Krassioukov measures change in Blood Pressure and Heart Rate in a quadriplegic vs a paraplegic.