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Ubuntu Wireless

Configuring Wireless on Headless Devices There is nothing cool about a robot that needs wires plugged in. Actually it used to torture me to madness because these robots are packed pretty full of wires and it’s not easy to get at the USB and HDMI ports. So, this makes running ubuntu in an embedded device a real pain when first setting up. Many robots are running linux on low...

Testing Wheelchair Brakes

Here is a short video of us testing the elevation wheelchair with the disk brakes we designed. This project has been both frustrating and rewarding. The tiny details add up quickly. The disk brakes require a bit of extra chair width and this can be deal breaker for most users. It can make getting into older buildings, especially bathrooms, impossible, but outside all that matters is stopping force and...

new battery and chair mount

From drawing board to being ready to install in single day? Colin, same guy that is now selling wifi robots, salvaged an old power drill to go with the new Lithium-ion battery pack for my chair. More Ardiuno and IOIO protects are possible now that I have a power supply I can remove and charge myself.

aldebaran robotics’ nao

Solid state sensors and high torque servos are getting cheaper all the time, but it is the software methodologies that needed to change for walking to be considered a “primitive behavior”. Any kids learning about robots would, and should, assume that we have walking sorted. Getting back into standing from an unknown state, say on bumpy uneven ground — that’s still tricky. Google is going to lead the cloud...

my new ride?

I’ve been following Boston Dynamics awhile now. They seem to be the most stable legs around..