disk brakes for wheelchairs

it’s been a braking with software (on board arduino or android). As a quadriplegic I don’t want to take my hands off the wheels to apply the brakes because this throws off my balance (especially on uneven ground or with muscle spasms to contend with). When adding power assist motors, a user must have the ability to stop even if that motor is malfunctioning. So to ensure safety we over-designed this prototype to account for every kind of worst case scenario (steep hill forces and motors stuck on full speed).

We had a good look at the only other disk breaks available on the market, but found them lacking. Their patented design to fit existing wheels is just not good enough because it involves a simple friction fit to get the hub to mate with the disk. The other flaw is the use of the same calipers for the left and right sides. Mountain bikes can do this because wheels are inline: front and back. Wheelchairs need mirrored parts (right and left), but this is difficult to source.

Our design only currently only fits the Elevation Wheelchair, but it is solid and will stop me on any hill at speed. I prefer over kill because I can trust it, something else will fail long before these brakes do!

Short video of the initial tests done at the shop (unltddesignltd.com).